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Nebraska litigator seeks justice for seniors who have been mistreated

Many elderly residents of Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming trust nursing homes to provide them with proper care at their most vulnerable stage of life. Unfortunately, when these facilities breach their legal and moral duty to provide such care, it can be difficult to hold them accountable. At Monte L. Neilan, Attorney at Law in Scottsbluff, we represent nursing home residents and their families so that they can hold healthcare providers accountable for negligence and misconduct. As a litigator with a strong track record spanning more than two decades, Scottsbluff nursing home abuse attorney Monte L. Neilan can cut through the confusion and cover stories that defendants use to evade liability. We take a comprehensive approach to nursing home abuse cases so that seniors can obtain fair compensation and live with the dignity they deserve.

Accomplished firm aids elderly residents in three states

Nursing Home Abuse lawyer scottsbluff neNebraska’s Adult Protective Services Act established a program to provide special protection to vulnerable nursing home residents. Colorado and Wyoming have similar laws to protect seniors in care facilities. In all three states, however, residents and their loved ones often aren’t aware of their rights. Even if you only suspect that an elderly loved one is being mistreated, our personal injury firm will examine your situation and advise you of your rights in a free initial consultation. We handle all types of nursing home abuse cases, including litigation relating to:

  • Fractures and other fall injuries — Movement can be risky for frail seniors. We seek damages when someone in a care facility sustains a fracture because they were not properly protected or supervised while getting up or walking.
  • Bedsores — Bedsores are a common problem for people who spend much of their time in bed. Frequent contact and competent treatment by nursing staff should include repositioning bedridden patients to limit the development of pressure sores, which can lead to severe health risks. We understand the professional standards that medical personnel must meet and hold facilities accountable when they fail in their duty.
  • Malnutrition — Elderly people who are not being fed properly often don’t have the ability to speak up for themselves. Our firm conducts a detailed examination of records and other evidence to determine if a loved one’s nutritional needs were being met.
  • Mental abuse — Verbal and emotional mistreatment can cause lasting harm to a vulnerable senior. If you or someone you know has been mentally abused by a nursing home employee, we will seek legal relief.
  • Fatal abuse or negligence — If nursing home mistreatment tragically leads to a wrongful death, our firm will help you bring an action for damages including final expenses, medical costs and lost companionship.

Prompt action not only maximizes the likelihood of a fair result in your matter but also helps to protect other potential victims. Don’t hesitate to get the assistance you need from a qualified lawyer when your loved one’s health and safety are at risk.

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